Was “Mama” the right song to win Junior Eurovision?

Was “Mama” the right song to win Junior Eurovision?

Turns out from last week’s poll that those of you who admitted to watching Junior Eurovision were mostly doing it through the live stream provided by the EBU. And we’ve all been rewarded with one of the most exciting voting of any recent Eurovision Song Contest.

In the end it was a one point victory for Armenia from Russia, which was all the more exciting given that going into the last country to declare, Macedonia, Russia were leading by ten points. If you didn’t catch it at the time, the Junioreurovision.tv website will let you watch it on demand over the web. And you really should, it’s one heck of a brilliant production.

But the winner did catch out a lot of people (I think the Bookies will be happy to see that Georgia didn’t take first place), and that’s going to be this week’s poll question:

Did the right song win the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2010?

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