Eurovision Insight Podcast: National Finals Have Started

Eurovision Insight Podcast: National Finals Have Started

This week’s bits and pieces takes on board the new beginnings, be it for Junior Eurovision at the end of the month, the long search in each country for their national song, or the second chance on offer at ConSong for some of this year’s performers.

But that’s the beauty of Eurovision, just when you think it’s all over, there’s always something on the horizon ready to charge your batteries again.

Eurovision Insight Podcast: National Finals Have Started

Ukraine airs the first selection program to start their Song for Europe search while Sweden is whittling down the 424 entries submitted for the two Web Joker spots in Melodifestivalen.

The Junior Eurovision bandwagon has started the stage building in Minsk, and its reflecting the design of “The Land under the White Wings.” Meanwhile the Junior Jukebox Jury are getting ready for their debut next week to preview the contest

Finally, it’s the results from ConSong and a reprise of the winning song. Sweden, Spain, Norway or somebody else?

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