Eurovision Insight Podcast: Welcome To The Slaughterhouse

Eurovision Insight Podcast: Welcome To The Slaughterhouse

Much as I think SVT are really missing the point of ‘SVT Thursday’ there was news today and I’ve got a jingle and I’m going to use it on the podcast. I’ve also got a copy of The Gallery from Take Hart…

Lots of fun to report on, including the new genre discovered in NRK’s heat. Gromth’s training wheels metal has upset the schlager fans, but there’s more to (potentially) come from the heavier side of music. Azerbaijan seem to be doing the hokey cokey with their selection process, and the Boronovskie Babushkis are off to the Olympics!

Eurovision Insight Podcast: Welcome To The Slaughterhouse

Just before we head to Denmark for the MGP final there’s time for another Insight podcast. With the traditional SVT Thursday news, National Final results from last week, some internal selections, and another rather ropey bit of mixing from Ewan on Pohja Tallinn’s Eesti Laul track.

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  1. Stephen P says:

    You can sing Eres Tú over that Eesti Laul track as well.

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